Photos - Descoberta Jovem

This was a special summer camp for teenagers organized by the Azores University; the point of it was to show young people how they could enjoy their summer time in new and unexpected ways (apart from the well known beach and disco), so it comprised a wide range of activities all over São Miguel island.

I was asked to participate as a monitor together with several psychology students:

Descoberta Jovem students in Ponta Delgada Science Museum

It was supposed to be a mixed gender activity, but it ended up looking as an "all girls" school because in practice most parents saw it as a convenient way to "keep their daughters safe" during the summer time; that's why I was asked to participate: to put a male touch in an all female group.

One of the activities was a visit to the marina for meeting the local live aboard and yachting community; here they are visiting my boat:

visiting a sailing yacht inside Descoberta Jovem program

We were also horse riding, exploring volcanic caves, visiting local factories, the fish market... in this photo we are in a theatre workshop with a local association:

Theater workshop within Descoberta Jovem project

And here we were hiking in Sete Cidades: a huge volcanic cone with a nice lagoon inside:

Descoberta Jovem students and monitors in Sete Cidades, São Miguel island



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