My place: Santa Maria island

Santa Maria is a tiny Portuguese island located in the middle of the North Atlantic; its area is just 97km² and the population less than 5.000 people: a very quiet and isolated place to seek refuge in.

When choosing to settle down here, in 2018, I was quite pessimistic about what the civilized world could offer me, my guess was that the world situation would keep worsening and so "the most remote the place, the better".

That's why I decided on Malbusca: a sparsely populated area on the South coast 250 meters over Sea level.

You can spot it in the following map:

Map of Santa Maria highlighting Malbusca

It's a beautiful place, although in the long term can be boring. The next photo is taken from the mountains surrounding it; my house is the last one to the right just near the cliff:

Malbusca as seen from the North mountains

So far everything has gone well, this happened to be a very convenient place for working in front of a computer; it isn't a paradise either, but as is usually said: "whoever looks for paradise on Earth must have fallen asleep in geography classroom".



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