My theory regarding who rules the World, what their plans are and what can be done about it

Jung's life is a good example of how the Invisible World move the strings behind us to make things happen

A young european artist drawing heart touching autobiographic comics

Vallée books about IT history help understand where we come from and where we could be going next in this world full of screens

A few thoughts about the influence of some mangas and animes in my life

After a deep restructuring of all my web sites there are two new domains and an improved, responsive, design

From Azores

Since 2018 I play the alto sax in the island music band: the best way to know the local people and their traditions

At the bottom of a step cliff there lies Maia: a tiny coastal town where tasty grapes and wines are produced

For some months I attended a dance workshop in Faial; a good way of dealing with the wet and windy Azorean winter

These pre-CV19 photos are just to keep memories alive while these troubled times last




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