After 5 years going all around the 9 Azores islands, finally I settled down in the nice town of Malbusca, the Southernmost point of the Azores

Written by one of the Internet fathers, Vallée books about IT history are very important to understand where we come from and where we could be going next in this world full of screens

Once you have it you will find a use for it; based in the Olimex A20 board, this little machine worked 2 years as an on board computer in my boat, and now is my backup server at home

A few thoughts about the influence of some mangas and animes in my life

These months I have made a deep restructuring of all my web sites, with 2 new domains and an improved, responsive, design

About this web and its author

My personal site in English, actually a shortened version of my main spanish site, I hope to share some interesting things here as time permits

A guy who gave up on the IT labor market for becoming a fortune teller, then moved to a sailing boat and kept going around until he settled down in the Azores

Actually in Malbusca, a tiny town on Santa Maria island, Azores archipelago, a nice and peaceful place in the middle of the North Atlantic

Some photos of the plants and animals living by my garden, sometimes the simplest things in life can be the most rewarding ones


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