I like to dance whenever I have a chance; here in the Azores this is not very often, but a few years ago I was lucky enough to attend a Latin dance workshop imparted by Paula Sousa, a respected dance teacher in Faial island.

Besides, as I had no partner, the teacher danced with me most of the time:

Latin dance classroom with Paula Sousa in Faial

I have very nice memories of those months, it was a good way of getting to know the local people as I had just arrived in town:

Latin dance Azorean students in Faial with Paula Sousa

At the end of the workshop we made a public performance for the International Dancing Day:

final dance performance by Paula Sousa and her students

And a nice farewell dinner together:

dinner in Faial with Paula Sousa dance students

During that time I also attended a samba workshop in the same town, but from this one I just have the photo of the diploma giving ceremony; this was imparted in the local theatre which had been recently restored:

diploma giving ceremony of Latin dance workshop in Faial theatre



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