Introduction: Na Qiao? was born in 2014 as an attempt to make a Chinese version of my Spanish site about fortune telling and astrology.

This Chinese site was made and promoted the best I could, but it was a complete fiasco: it never got any visibility at all inside China; this was due to the way Chinese search engines work: they don't like foreign made web sites to outrank their locally made ones.

I don't blame them; it may be better this way for China.

And anyway, the fault was mine for not having researched well enough the whole project before investing time and money in it.

But once it was clear the original idea would never work, as "Naqiao" happens to be the pinyin transcription of "Nacho", the nick name I'm usually known by Spanish people, I decided to keep the domain name and use it as my personal web site in English.

So I don't have much pretensions with this site, just to use it as a presentation card for English speaking people, that's why I try to talk about things that may be useful for other people to know me better.



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