June 2018: renewing my personal web sites

Finally I was able to invest some time in my personal web sites, and here is the new english one, with a domain name of its own, naqiao.hk, and a new responsive design; if you wonder why I'm using a Hong Kong domain for my personal site while living in Portugal, you can read the full story here.

As for the old chinese site that was hosted here during many years, you can find it now in this nice domain: 那乔.香港, if your device doesn't support chinese input, you can just type "xn--jjq892n.xn--j6w193g", not very easy to remember, but well, we live in a complex world anyway...

Also, this month I began a new portuguese site, which I don't really know how will develop along the years, the truth is that I just made it for having an easy to remember local email address, and then made some simple blog upon it, the domain is malbusca.pt.

By the way, Malbusca is the name of the town where I live in Santa Maria island (Azores, Portugal), it means "ill-fated search" because in the past people would come here and risk their lives to collect some lichens in the cliffs so they could earn some money to feed their families:

Explanation of the origin of the name Malbusca

As you see, this was a place full of hard working brave people, now life is much easier and people who can't feed their families will get food and money from public and private institutions.

Anyway, coming back to my new sites, I also fully renewed my old spanish site, LasCartasDeLaVida.com, which has been online for almost 17 years now and still had a tables based layout, it's quite a big site as you can see from its web map, the others sites I have are just small versions of that one.

As you can imagine, with so many domains I ended up with a bunch of different email addresses, so I decided to make a new single PGP key for all of them, this way people writing will have a much easier time to choose the right public key.

On a technical note, all my sites are made "by hand", just using the wonderful Vim editor for coding, Gimp/ImageMagick for the graphical editing, and not much more, this is how my "web development environment" looked like in early 2018:

laptop with 2 external monitors used for web development

As you can guess, I find much more convenient to work with the monitors in portrait mode, for doing mainly programming work I think this is a much more natural and ergonomic orientation, I wonder if most monitors today are made in a panoramic/landscape configuration by default just because most people will use them for watching videos and photographs.

One thing I'm quite happy with my new web sites is the fact that I got rid of Javascript, Cookies and Ads, all at the same time, actually I never used cookies or javascript in my own sites, but published ugly Google Ads and Amazon affiliated links, and finally decided to discard them all together, I think that also improves the experience for my readers.

So I hope you like my new sites, hopefully in the following months/years I will publish a few interesting things here.





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