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All emails sent by me since January 2017 are signed using PGP, that's why they have an attached text file called "signature.asc", it's just a text plain file containing my digital signature for that particular email.

Using this file and my public PGP key, your email client should be able to check that it was really me who wrote the email and it wasn't modified afterwards, also it makes it possible to send me encrypted messages.

You can find my public PGP key in this key server among others, and also it can be downloaded from the following links:

Ignacio's public keyKey ID: B568893EE930D66D3395445C862822551A93692E
sha256: 2cfab10db41b48067164f18dac7104b7de7b3e5fe3143790926aa0e60f7ce483

Before January 13th 2021 I used this keys too (expired since then):

For consulta@lascartas...Key ID: ACFEC59141EA4F7C097090DEF8EE104DE76F0696
sha256: 1a764bc679ed1c3d68df099a92ea89e1076ab553b902d0fe81a0c1d69aa475c9
For boletin@lascartas...Key ID: 5354A1C7887F4DFDA46EB7A0E4F899B973B50DD6
sha256: b9c96ae09e4da7999a0e803c9ee1a62bad6dc522eac7e7a0c25d4123bd4dc3ec
For nacho@lascartas...Key ID: E94AA08FC827049A6DD251BA9CDF6B959CA7F935
sha256: 0cdaf8f445e20190f0a8965d92438327cacb8d38c058283c3c7aeab204c7daf4


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